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I have been exactly where you are...

After my husband and I had been trying for a baby for a while, everything about life became tougher. It felt that everything in my life was out of control.

Life wasn’t good. I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I wasn’t getting the baby I desperately craved.

I became jealous, introverted, anxious, miserable, frustrated.

Jealous of all our friends, colleagues and even celebrities who were announcing their pregnancies every 5 minutes. I started choosing to stay in and avoid certain friends or social events where there was going to be talk of pregnancies or babies. I started worrying. About everything. Miserable that I was childless and frustrated that whatever we did, however hard we tried (no drinking, sex at the right times etc) we just weren’t getting pregnant.


"I don’t want any woman to feel the misery and despair that I felt whilst trying for a baby"

It became all-consuming for me. It’s all I thought about, from the moment I woke up to the minute my head hit the pillow.

I was so stressed.

I didn’t want work to know that I was trying for a baby (although with more and more appointments being booked it became increasingly difficult to keep it a secret – and more stressful).

I didn’t talk about it with friends or family – I didn’t want the looks of pity or the well-meaning ‘any news/joy yet?’

Life was put on hold. Plans weren’t made in case I was pregnant by then.

Having been told that I would never have a baby of my own, not even with IVF, I refused to give up on my desire for a baby; a family. I am thrilled to say that we eventually had two gorgeous babies.

When trying for a baby, we focus so much on the physical – what we should be eating, how much we should weigh, when and how often we should be having sex – but we don’t pay any attention to our emotional health.

I don’t want any woman to feel the misery and despair that I felt whilst trying for a baby. So I have retrained as a Fertility Coach so that I can help successful women like you who want a baby (and who are used to getting what they want) and provide emotional support. I help women break through mindset issues around fertility and the way they’re living their life. I provide them with tools and techniques that allow them to believe in themselves and their dreams. I teach them that life is full of endless excitement, surprises and adventure, so that they once again feel in control.

"To anyone considering fertility coaching, I can't recommend Clare enough! Throughout our sessions she was kind, compassionate, supportive and full of knowledge. Each session had clarity, was very relaxed and I felt comfortable speaking freely. Clare has given me invaluable tools to empower me through the rollercoaster of emotions on my fertility journey and I am hugely grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life so far." Aideen Langan, UK
Aideen Langdon,

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From start to finish working with Clare was a brilliant experience. She is caring and understanding. As she has been through everything herself her knowledge and compassion is palpable. Thank you Clare for all of your support

"Clare's help was truly life giving! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for around 7 years Clare taught me some excellent tools which really helped me to self care better daily and therefore reduced any anxiety and stress that I was experiencing around getting pregnant. Clare's relaxed and calm manner taught me the importance of relaxation of the body and the mind which in turn has made me to look at my fertility journey in a really positive way and actually love the journey my husband and I have been on together regardless of how hard it has been along the way. I truly recommend this lady to help you through your fertility journey Thank you Clare!! "
Sarah Evans

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